Registration Form

Code of Conduct

​Black skirts/pants supplied by students.
Observe suitable dress and hair attire stipulated by the academy.
Always arrive at the academy 15 minutes earlier to start lectures on time.
Return from breaks in time to continue lectures.
No eating/drinking during lectures.
Cellphones to be switched off during lectures.
Respect management, facilitator, staff and fellow students.
Models to be organised for training by learner when requested.
Models subject to charge in lieu of chemicals used.
Students to comply with minimal hours per level as stipulated by the academy.
Lost hours will not be made up except under circumstances deemed acceptable by the academy.
Students will only be eligible for exams on fees being up to date.
Always prepare in advance for theory exams/tests.
Theory and practical exams are compulsory.
Report to all exams 30 minutes prior to commencement.
Students are expected to apply themselves during lectures and stay committed until all units are attained.
The academy reserves the right to determine acceptable conduct.
Students not complying with the code of conduct will be given one verbal warning, followed by a written warning. Should a student continue to disregard the code of conduct, subsequent to the written warning, a hearing shall take place representing:

The student in breach
One person nominated by the student (not legal representation)
Innovation academy operations manager
The academic head

Should the student be expelled following the hearing, he/she may not claim back any fees paid to the date and will indeed be liable for all outstanding fees pertaining to the current level in which the student in breach has been trained.

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